Eyebrow rehab. Halp!

Last visit home for the holidays we found a treasure trove box full of printed photos. So many great memories and so many eyebrow coifs to laugh at. It’s funny how you can tell which decade a photo belongs to by the eyebrow style. There were my full, wooly brows from middle and high school, and then the 90’s happened. Apparently, the 90’s decade was a hair thief. Thanks, Gwen Stefani. Luckily, even after all the destruction, I was able to grow *most* of them back in. Some folks didn’t get so lucky. (And this is why we’re thankful for new semi-permanent eyebrow microblading techniques!)
Coming off an eyebrow plucking bender? Let me help you. Is your face stuck in a previous decade? Please, take my hand, and together, we’ll get through this.
You can easily make an eyebrow resurrection appointment with Angela online at: www.monarchbrowandfacials.com

Need some extra help in the brow department or tired of drawing them in everyday? Check out my blog posts on microblading for eyebrows.

Eyebrow shaping guidelines

Eyebrow shaping guidelines

Hello from Monarch Brow & Facial Studio

Hello, world, it’s Monarch Brow & Facial Studio!
With the finishing of the third week of business, I’m so happy to say it’s been a success. Many thanks to all who’ve come to visit, made appointments, and helped me make this transition so easy. Much gratitude goes to Citrine Salon in Chapel Hill, my former workplace for over six years, for love and support throughout the process.
I’ve been doing a lot of eyebrow microblading and will be blogging about the process soon. Lots of before and after photos to look forward to.
Come get cozy with a customized facial, add on a reflexology treatment, or get your brows made fabulous. I look forward to seeing you!

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