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Vote for Angela at Monarch Brow & Facial Studio!

Vote for Angela at Monarch Brow & Facial Studio!

Eyebrow rehab. Halp!

Last visit home for the holidays we found a treasure trove box full of printed photos. So many great memories and so many eyebrow coifs to laugh at. It’s funny how you can tell which decade a photo belongs to by the eyebrow style. There were my full, wooly brows from middle and high school, and then the 90’s happened. Apparently, the 90’s decade was a hair thief. Thanks, Gwen Stefani. Luckily, even after all the destruction, I was able to grow *most* of them back in. Some folks didn’t get so lucky. (And this is why we’re thankful for new semi-permanent eyebrow microblading techniques!)
Coming off an eyebrow plucking bender? Let me help you. Is your face stuck in a previous decade? Please, take my hand, and together, we’ll get through this.
You can easily make an eyebrow resurrection appointment with Angela online at:

Need some extra help in the brow department or tired of drawing them in everyday? Check out my blog posts on microblading for eyebrows.

Eyebrow shaping guidelines

Eyebrow shaping guidelines

Choosing the best Brow Enhancement Artist

Microblading is a semi-permanent type of cosmetic tattooing. You want to carefully choose the right Artist because *it’s your face!* Not only are we talking about good style, we’re talking about choosing an Artist who deeply understands the science and technical precision necessary to create eyebrows that look natural after healing, as well as a year or two later. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and when you see a high price tag on cosmetic services, you’re paying for expertise. This is not the time to turn to Groupon for a deal.

First let’s talk about what semi-permanent means. Microbladed eyebrows are designed to fade over about two years. As our face and coloring changes over time we don’t want to be stuck with something that no longer compliments our look. On a more technical level, this means that the pigment is not deposited as deeply as a body tattoo. Getting the depth correct is a skill that requires consistent practice and experience with all different types of skin. Different areas of the eyebrow require varying depths of pigment deposit due to changes in skin density. For example, the skin at the head of the eyebrow is tougher than the skin at the tail of the brow. Slightly more pressure is required to achieve a lasting hair stroke at the head of the brow. If the same pressure is applied on the brow tail, the lines could blur or turn cool over time.

An experienced Artist looks at your skin coloring, condition, and oil production to determine the correct pigment shade for your eyebrows. In another example, we have two people with the same coloring but different types of skin. The oilier-skined person will require a warmer shade of pigment to compensate for the oil production, which changes the pigment color over time.

Every set of eyebrows I create are unique and designed just for you. Your face shape, eye size, and bone structure all factor into the final brow shape you and I choose together. Whether you like your eyebrows thin or thick, highly polished or bushy, I can create an enhancement that’s perfect for your face.
A little background about the Artist: I received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from Baylor University and enjoy many types of creative work, from drawing to sculpture.


before and after eyebrow microblading by Angela Hugghins

before and after eyebrow microblading by Angela Hugghins

What to Expect on your initial Microblade visit

Prep for eyebrow microblading is just as important as aftercare. You’ll get the best possible results when you adhere to the following prep steps. I’ll detail the aftercare steps in my next blog post.
A full day before your service you’ll want to end all blood thinning meds and supplements, like physician prescribed thinners, fish oil, alcoholic beverages, and pain relievers. These items cause the brow area to bleed easier. If you’re on prescription thinners you’ll want to talk to your doctor about the best way to taper your meds in a way that’s safe for you.
What to expect on your first visit to Monarch Brow & Facial Studio for microblading:
First, we’ll consult about your expectations. Listening to your needs, challenges, and desires is my job. I want you to leave happy with your new brows.
After chatting, we’ll map out your eyebrow shape using an adjustable tool designed to measure your face proportions. Once you’re happy with the map, we’ll move on to placing each hair in the brow with the microblade. Each blade is a pre-packaged, sterile, single use blade.
After the first round of lines are in, we can numb the skin for the pigment packing segment. I don’t numb the skin at the beginning of the procedure because it’s imperative that the hair lines be precise and fine; the numbing agent can cause the lines to become fuzzy. We’ll finish up with an awesome product called PhiShield for soothing and protecting. PhiShield is a beeswax based, essential oil boosted balm designed to soften and nourish the skin as it heals.

Angela Hugghins is a certified PhiBrows Artist and the owner of Monarch Brow & Facial Studio in Carrboro, NC.
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