Mountains to Sea skincare yummies

The products are rolling in. The displays are filling up. The Well Curated Cabinet will soon be overflowing with my favorite products. And let me say that I am very picky about my retail and backbar products. Shopping for skincare and makeup can be so overwhelming with all of the luscious smelling, perfectly packaged new items appearing daily on various social media blogs. Let me help you find the good stuff.

I’m in love with a lotion stick by Asheville, NC-based Mountains to Sea Skincare. Awesomeness in a push-up style container! It’s a solid balm that travels well, and with a little push on the underside it will melt right over your knees, elbows, and probably anywhere you’d like a little sweet smelling skin conditioning.
A bit about the active ingredients:
    Calendula has been used for centuries as a food supplement for its internal calming properties, as well as a skin soother. Natural acne products often include Calendula for the cooling, soothing, and antibacterial benefits. You might know this flower from its beautiful golden petals, which contain beta carotene and many other beneficial antioxidants.
    Lemon balm is a member of the mint family. It is grown widely throughout the world for its anti-inflammatory properties as both a food supplement and skin preparation.
Beeswax, olive and coconut oils make up the rich base for this thick, protective skin balm. Bonus: the calendula flowers are grown in NC! #keepitlocal #nc

Also in Monarch’s Well Curated Cabinet, you’ll find Mountains to Sea Rosemary + Vetiver body lotion and the invigorating Peppermint + Myrtle body salt scrub. Y’all are going to feel so soft!

M2 Skincare original MAMA lotion

Monarch Brow & Facial Studio is now selling the original MAMA lotion from M2 Skincare. I LOVE this product because you can feel and see the results immediately. Most of the serum/cream exfoliators I sample leave the skin dry, flaky, and irritated after continued use. Not the MAMA! When applied on clean, damp skin at night, the skin is hydrated and smoother in the morning. Continued use can result in a little normal, occasional peeling, however the MAMA serum is very well tolerated by sensitive and sensitized skins. I rarely see this product giving people any issues. In fact, mandelic acid is great for soothing the usual erythema, or blotchy redness, that comes with anti-aging skin peeling products.
For oily skin, this product might be all you need at night. The folks with drier skin can layer moisturizer over the MAMA and enjoy extra hydration power.
If you’re on one of those people who has trouble with Retin-A, this product is for you. We all need more cell turnover as we age in order to keep skin clear and bright, however prescription products can be too much for certain skin types. The M2 MAMA utilizes Malic and Mandelic Acids (MAMA, for short) to increase the cell turnover by breaking the protein bonds on the outermost layer of the epidermis, revealing fresher, brighter skin cells.
Increased cell turnover also helps clear acne and congested pores, smooths the pores for more even texture, and softens fine lines.
This original favorite is formulated in an algae extract base and packed with Ubiquinone, also known as Coenzyme Q10, to neutralize free radicals. Ubiquinone is rated as a “best” ingredient by Paula Begoun, the Cosmetic Cop, because of it’s soothing nature. The highly hydrating, olive-derived oil known as Squalane completes the base of this gel lotion.
Here’s a run down of the fantastic benefits of MAMA’s star ingredients:
    Mandelic Acid: from the bitter almond, gentle exfoliator, pigment lightening, antibacterial
    Malic Acid: from apples and grapes, gentle exfoliator, pigment lightening, pH buffering
    Algae Extract: water-binding, soothing, antioxidant, emollient
    Ubiquinone (Coenzyme q10): antioxidant, cell energizer
    Squalane: from olives, intrinsic hydrator, scar diminishing, excess oil reducing, ideal delivery base

If you’re looking for a powerhouse antioxidant and gentle exfoliator in one, look no further. M2’s original MAMA is a five star product formulated to work on nearly all skin types and conditions.

Welcome M2 MAMA to the Well Curated Cabinet at Monarch Brow & Facial Studio!