Intro to Microblading

Microblading (also known as Feather Stroke or 3D Brows) is a modern, semi- permanent, custom type of eyebrow tattooing. Unlike older methods of cosmetic tattooing that require a machine and often result in clunky, unnatural brows, Microblading is accomplished entirely by hand through a precise technique customized to create your perfect brow. After a thorough consultation, your brow is carefully mapped according to your unique facial structure using specially designed software as well as the technician's artistry and ability; it can take nearly an hour to perfect your custom brow map, which will be used as a guide during service. At the time of your appointment, the technician will carefully follow your brow map, meticulously hand-drawing each hair line into your brow for a hyper-realistic, subtle look that is nearly indistinguishable from your natural hair. Results will last for up to two years.

This treatment is ideal for anyone who needs gaps filled, over-plucked eyebrows made full again, or require full reconstruction due to medical conditions. Or, if you're simply tired of using pencils and wants to achieve a "perfect brow" -- but with imperfect results -- Microblading is an excellent, low maintenance option.

Prices start at $600, which includes a perfecting session one month after service. 18 month touch up appointments start at $250. Your initial consultation is free.